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[v3.0.6] Released (test) 8 years 2 months ago #16511

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Hi people,

as some people noticed there is a new package to test. over here .

Some information
- the package can't be installed upon JEM 2.1.1
As we need to alter some code to modify settings (recurrence, calendar, tables, cleanup files etc) to make the upgrade possible there is a check added to abort the install in case you're trying to install it on top. The link between the versions will be added in a new release.

  • FIX: description of items within the RSS feed
    the feed was not outputting the description correctly
  • FIX: recurrence front
    When creating a recurrence in the front side it was not created succesfully
  • FIX (temp): import controller, mapping categories to events in case of el import
    when having more then 500 events/categories the controller was having a problem so it's been increased. it's a temp solution as it has to be modified some more in the future.
  • FIX: settings for the editevent view
    the tab to set settings for the editevent view was missing so it's been added. this issue was related to the recurrence issue
  • FIX: import-controller, el-import, attachments-table
    the attachments table file didn't had the function insertignore and doing so it was running into a problem and breaking the import.
  • ADDED: fields for phone, email, fax for venue
    the fields can be populated within the venue/editvenue view
  • ADDED: uninstall option for JEM
    Normally the tables of JEM are not removed at uninstall but now you can. within the settings-page (global params) you'll find an option "Cleanup DB on uninstall" that you can select in case you want to completely uninstall JEM. when the option has been enabled the uninstaller of joomla will take your option into account. so when selected it will completely remove the tables (your data), so be very carefull!
  • altered output of date/time within the event-page
    a seperate function was created to output pieces (starttime, startdate, etc..) and those pieces are assembled within the eventview. this will make it hopefully easier to create the desired custom output.
  • removed class "hidden-phone"
    some table-headers were having the class and doing so they are not shown in small windows but as the td's didn't had the class they were shown and doing so it looked a bit messy.

Test offline so you know what can be expected.
Feedback is very welcome: bugs, things to improve, suggestions, etc....
(won't respond to PM)
running: pre-alpha JEM 4.x (custom version) + Joomla 4.0.0-beta7 + PHP 7.3

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[v3.0.6] Released (test) 8 years 2 months ago #16517

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for my testing purposes I made a german language package with the files from JEM-3 transifex.

The translations must be controled, there are some faults:
e.g. name is not always Dateiname

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