Registered Users (to the event)


Note: Only registered site members can book places for an event!
            Manage the registered users from this screen. Here you may view a listing of all users who have registered to the chosen event. You can delete users using this screen.



To access this screen use: ComponentsJEMEvents → Usercount number


New: Click the 'New' icon to start entering a new registered user for this event.

Select User(s) by clicking the checkbox(es) at the beginning of each row.

Edit: Click the 'Edit' icon to edit the selected user.

Set Not Attending: Click the 'Set Not Attending' icon to change the status of the selected user(s) to 'Not Attending'.

Set Attending: Click the 'Set Attending' icon to change the status of the selected user(s) to 'Attending'.

Export: Click the 'Export' icon to export a list of attendees in .csv format.

Print: Click the 'Print' icon to print a list of registered users.

Delete: Click the 'Delete' icon to delete the selected registered user.

Back: Click the 'Back' icon to go back to the Event overview.


#: The line number of the entry in the list that is currently displayed.

Checkbox: Select the item or items to be deleted by clicking in this box.

Name: The name of the registered user.

Username: The site Username of the registered user.

Email: The Email address of the registered user.

IP-Adress: The IP address from which the user has registered to the event. Please note this will only be filled in when IP-logging is switched on in the JEM settings.

Registration Date: The Date when the User has registered for the event.

User ID: The ID of the User.

Status: Indicates whether the user is Invited, Not attending, Attending or On waiting list.

Comment: Optional free text comment.

Remove: Click to remove the User from this Event.

Export Functions

Print: Click to show the print screen.

CSV Export: Click to download the CSV file. This will open up a download pop-up. Please note if you have a pop-up blocker installed in your browser.

Other Functions

Search: You may enter text in the "Filter" box to refine the list based on whether the text is found in the title of any item. Type in any text and press Enter or click the go button. You also can filter the search by username or name.

Drop Down: Select the number of list entries displayed per page [Options between 5 – 100].

Navigation Buttons: Use Start, Previous, Next, and End buttons to navigate between list pages.

Page Indicator: Shows which page is displayed, in the form of page n of m.

Ordering: Click on the table header to order the items by name, state or date (depends on the format of the column).