JEM 4.2.1 (2024-04)

Item: Description:
Fix for J!4 Icons are in J!4 back
Saving error in CSS-Manager is fixed  
Added places in CB plugins  
URL for venue website is fixed  
Dateformat settings for backend  
Update event.xml  
Fix Publish, Unpublish, Trash icon in Myevents, Myvenues  
Fix Hide eventregistration in event detail  



JEM 4.2.0 (2023-11-03)

Item: Description:
Add: Joomla 5 support Some issues with Joomla 5 are fixed.
Enhanced: attendee management  
Enhanced: interface issues landscape views in calendar, added missing ical buttons etc
Fixed: several minor bug fixes  


JEM 4.1.0 (2023-09-04)

Item: Description:
Fix: Many bug fixes  
Repaired: possibility to say NO to attend (answer request) the book ticket has now back the possibility to directly say NO
Repaired/Enhanced Lightbox Add lightbox possibiliy to all images
Repaired: a user can't attend with 0 place (ghost) Minimum booked place is 1 place
Repaired: cancel attendance until n hour before event Settings in edit event
Enhanced: request answer, if a user can't attend you can choose an other comportment, if you need an answer
Enhanced: Active Help on page leads to There you can find more help
Enhanced: Lightbox in modules Add lightbox possibiliy for modules
Enhanced: Many Interface/design enhancements  
Add: missing translations add language strings, where not yet set
Add: JEM quickicon Add the possibility for a JEM quickicon to the Joomla dashboard
Add: Toggle inlinehelp Joomla 4 has no tooltips anymore, with click on "Toggle Inline Help" you now can add the help lines
Add: event specific CSS class Add event specific CSS class in component and modules for individual styling
 bigger and better images in details view  


JEM 4.0.0 - PHP 8 - Compatible Release for Joomla 4.x. (2023-07-04)

Item: Description:
rewrite of the code to make it PHP 8 / Joomla 4 + compatible  
add OpenStreetMap to Map Services In Global Parameters and in Venue Settings (Event Page) there is now the possibility to choose to display a OpenStreetMap or link to it (beside Google maps)
Add a booking system with more places Choose in backend or frontend settings
Add a simple venueslist  
Add ical button to the top  
Add (improved) country flags Choose in module settings
Add featured events in calendars and modules Choose in menu and module settings


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