JEM 2.3.5 - PHP 8 - compatible release for joomla 3.x.

Item: Description:

Added PHP8 support under Joomla 3

ATTENTION: This release is not Joomla 4 compatible!

Removed option to hide publish tab in frontend


 JEM 2.3.2 - Maintenance of JEM 2.3.1 and new feature

Item: Description
button as warning (yellow) in view/event/tmpl/default_attendees.php only the colored warning, the
link for joomla login or CB login must be added individually. When the link is wrong, you get an error 500
 added intro and footer text in dayview  proposal from stevent
 adapted install package for Joomla! 3.10.  
 more ready for php 8  
 adapted script.php for Joomla! 3.10  
 some little bugs in editevent and editvenue  

JEM 2.3.1 - Maintenance of JEM 2.3.0

Item: Description:
changed map icon to red (ff0000)

there are so many blue locations, it's better to see

button as warning (yellow) in view/event/tmpl/default_attendees.php

for eventregistration you must login in joomla

show/hide publish tab in frontend (editevent and editvenue) default is "hide"

event creators who don't know exactly what to do with meta und publishing
should not change anything inside this tab, so better to hide this

add COM_JEM__ALLATTENDING in language file and in settings.xml for "event_show_attendeenames"

COM_JEM_ALLREGISTERED is used in 2 meanings


add Warning in

Since the attendees manager is open to administrator and all from group, the email addresses can be viewed and downloaded from them too.
Limit should always be on the same place  
Filter in search menu should be colored like all filters  

replace line 41 in categoryelement.php
if(is_array($this) && $this->setId((int)$array[0]));

newer php doesn't accept anymore

Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type int ...

added in simplelist attendees maxplaces

 instead of - it's now - / 0 for no limit
 instead of 2 it's now 2 / 15 for maxplace 15

FE adding attending users for groupmembers possible too  creator, groupmembers and admin see a link
 (the number of booked) , but only, when they are registered for that event
error notice in >php7.4 BE when adding attending users to event  
Higher the length for venue title  the alias had 100 the venue name only 50
in responsive editevent forgotten <fieldset>
breaks layout
possible bug in responsive editevent/editvenue buttons  in some templates the buttons were dead
update Zebra_Image to 2.6  
adapted legacy event view similar to default view

attending and registration is now in legacy too

adapted legacy view of editevent and editvenue

added additional tabs (extended, publish) here too

to hide archived events in seakmachines

Added expiration metatag to events(Benno)

Added "Hide past events" to the settings (Benno)
tablewidth setting

Default is now "" instead of "100%"
like that this is not the small responsive

hint for Alias in Frontend edit

in models/forms/event.xml and venue.xml there's a
(it's a joomla key, so the translation is made automaticly)

Changed order in Frontend Form editevent Fields have been re-ordered in a more logical way
Broken PDF attachment

See Post from HerKle
Broken PDF attachment

CB plugins are (a bit) revised

getTabTitle($tab, $user, $ui, $postdata, $reason=NULL)


CB plugins layout is repared

The layout was broken

CB plugins added some columns


CB plugins new language system

New language system with fallback
translations with overrides in cb language plugin

added menu "venueslist"

a simple list of city, state and venue
with link to the venue



JEM 2.3.0 (stable version) - First Responsive JEM

Item: Description:
Make responsive layout for Joomla 3 JEM now has an extra Layout Style (in Basic Settings): Alternative Responsive Style
This is a new table-less responsive style
Please note that after updating the responsive style is chosen. If you want the legacy back you choose it in the settings!
Style names the default style name is now "legacy" and the responsive style is now "default"
enabled visibility of attending status for all registered users Enhanced the model to provide this info
Changed order in Frontend Form editevent Fields have been re-ordered in a more locical way
Backend publish (unpublish) from list - modified date doesn't change When in backend admins publish (or unpublish) an item from list (Events or Venues) by its Status link, then the modified date doesn't change. This bug is fixed
Add Tab Character to CSV Export Import   Allow tab (\t) to be used as field separator (i.e. delimiter)
Event Contact - on Save of Event Sometimes Resetting to Contact ID = 127 only apparent on sites with large number of contacts. This bug is fixed


JEM 2.2.3 (stable version)

Item: Description:
https not all links to Google Maps were translated to https, so maps did sometimes not load correctly
adding mod_calajax to the package obsolete, mod_jem_cal will support Ajax whenever possible (see below)
mod_jem_cal with Ajax integrate Ajax functionality into mod_jem_cal,
some more improvements like year navigation
max image width/heigth empty handle wrong configuration values
Fixing opendate problem fix problem with new calendar field (J!3.7+)
adding code to show enddates too in jemlistevents If the enddate is an other day, this should be shown too
list_limit backend views of events, venues and categories should have list_limit to view more items per page
date input fields show hint about date input format, allow format translation (J! 3.7+)
php 7.2 change count() usage to prevent php 7.2 warnings
allow suffix "jpeg" option to set allowed image file suffixes
Attention: SqueezeBox supports gif,jpg,png only!
respect no city/state don't show separators (comma) when no data is present
Banner / Jubilee modules don't scale up small images
Banner / Jubilee /Teaser mods fix typo in State Match Mode tooltip
Firefox issue Remove Attachment icon has shrinked to 1 dot by Firefox
Attachments in Edit venue fix problem with attachments in Edit venue view
Help, Donation some updates, fixes, corrections, hints/link for donation
CSS little fixes, cleanup, J! 3.8 adaptions
Copy event / Copy venue add Copy event / Copy venue buttons on details views and Calendar views
Attachments, Recurrence, Registrations will NOT be copied!
Registrations cleanup registrations on event deletion


JEM 2.2.2 (stable version)

Item: Description:
General increased stability
Installation added JEM-listevents plugin to embed event lists into articles
Mailer improvements to the mailer plugin
Modules added custom fields to modules for overrides
Update library updated Zebra Image to 2.2.6


JEM 2.2.1 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Update System implement the updater to automatically discover and install new versions
Installation add new settings to config table
Export Attendees (FE) Registration data missed on attendee export frontend
Multibyte strings Use multibyte-enabled functions instead of substr() & Co
Print Attendees (BE) Fix attendee print function on backend
Contacts Fix DB to allow contacts with id > 127
Installation Prevent type warning on fresh installation
Invited users (BE) Fix some bugs regarding invited users on backend
Events Fix some event related bugs (error handling on save, check view level on edit)
List views (FE) + modules Use creation date as orderby fallback on listviews and modules
Search view (FE) Fix not working top category
Editevent (FE) Handle foreign access level
Banner module Add user-defined calendar color, automatically toggle text color depending on background color in calendar image
Jubilee module Add date match mode, show smarter relative date texts, automatically toggle text color depending on background color in calendar image
Code Quality Fix "non-numeric value" warnings
Attendee Management (FE) Allow event owner to edit registrations on frontend
adding custom fields in queries (at least) if people want to show custom fields, there should be added the query in the models, the rest can be done in overrides.
J! 3.7 Calendar popup Adjust calendar popup coming with Joomla! 3.7


JEM 2.2.0 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Template Overrides Please note that a lot of views have been changed. So you must adapt your template overrides if you have some.
Background actions Prevent concurrent cleanups if multiple users enter site at midnight
Debugging Add functions for simple use of log file, add option to set log level
Event registration / Attendance Enhance registration to allow invitation and "will not attend"
Import Allow import without key
Attendees CSV export Add missed column header
Add setting to choose csv separator
Edit event view Allow input of dates in localised formats
Add option to change format of hours in dropdown box
Attendees / MyAttendances views Keep comment cell empty if there is no comment
Mailer, "on behalf of" Fix wrongly choosen user, catch exceptions
Sampledata Fix venues table (missed fields)
Calendar views Enhance option to show legend above or below
Add little icons to directly add new and edit existing events
Attendees view Fix attendee not removable on frontend
Google Maps Fix API key usage
Joomla 3.6 Check compatibility


[3rd] JEM Community Builder plugins 2.2.0 (stable versions)

Item: Description:
respect event registration options Handle registration related global options


JEM 2.1.6 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Backend use sidebar on J! 3 Backend views use JHtmlSidebar instead of JSubMenuHelper on J! 3.2+
iCal Fix number of events listed by iCal
Wording Say "image" instead of "picture"
Calendar views w/o time shown Fix problem on multiday events if time is configured to be hidden
ACL on J! 2.5 Fix problem users are interpreted as guests on J! 2.5
Import Fix problem with option "replace" = No
Mailer plugin Prevent PHP warnings regarding not set recipient groups
Entries in list Fix problem with intermediate numbers of displayed items
 much more A lot more fixes and changes
User class problem Swap JemUser - JemUserAbstract for "define before use"
List model Let model provide event creator so overwritten list views can show such info
Edit event or venue Add/fix setting to disable Image and/or Attachment uploads on frontend
Create/edit event Swap fields Contect and Venue for better understanding
List model Swap the two "Show time" settings: on Layout page is for lists, on Global Parameters page for other views.
Database Replace table jem_settings by jem_config storing values in dedicated records. Also added some fields (for future use) and keys.
enhanced event registration allow attendee to send additional comment
Support J! 3.5, PHP 7 Allow installation on Joomla! 3.5.x.
Minor changes to support PHP 7
ACL Fix problem with explicitely revoked permissions
Banner module Fix "today's events" mode
Backend settings Use yes/no buttons on J! 3 on component, modules, plugins, menu items, remove unused settings.
Backend modules settings Use form field classes to choose categories or venues on module settings.
Mailer plugin Fix problem where too many users get email as attendee
Image class Improve handling of e.g. missing file.
Help Help adapted to reflect actual version 


[3rd] JEM AcyMailing Plugin 2.1.3 (stable versions)

Item: Description:
PHP 7 support Minor changes regarding PHP 7


[3rd] JEM Community Builder plugins 2.1.6 (stable versions)

Item: Description:
enhanced event registration support Add support for future enhanced event registration


JEM 2.1.5 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Note template overrides If you use template overrides please note that all views have been changed and there is a good chance that your overrides won't work as expected. So please check the changes and adapt your files.
frontend event registration Don't allow registration on not published event. 
ACL ("do" permissions) Rework and harmonise checks, include Joomla ACL, JEM groups, and JEM settings. 
frontend views button bar Harmonise top right action buttons on all frontend views. 
frontend Edit event Fix unassignment of categories user is not allowed to see. 
backend Import Fix problem not showing Import view if running on PHP prior 5.5. 
CB avatars Support changes path of avatar images.on CB 2.0
frontend views Fix not shown event images caused by unneeded slash
backend Import Fix unexpected results when importing empty data fields
unknown JEM groups Indicate references to unknown JEM groups in backend Category view (e.g. caused by csv import)
user names shown respect JEM's name/username setting when showing e.g. attendees
frontend Edit event view Fix calendar icon (beside date fields) not shown on Joomla 3.4
Mailer plugin enhanced More options to inform persons about actions, improved email text, combine emails to same non-actor
Teaser, Banner, Jubilee modules Ensure weekday and daynum are correct positioned within calendar image
Attachment upload Disable "forbidden extensions in archives" check of J! 3.4 on attachment upload because it blocks to often false
CB plugins support Load all files as required also for e.g. CB plugins


[3rd] JEM Community Builder plugins 2.1.3 (stable version)

Item: Description:
CB plugins for JED Prepare myEvents and myAttendings plugin for JED.  
Also provide a package for CB 2.0 to prevent the compatibility warning.


[3rd] JEM Community Builder plugins 2.1.4 (stable version)

Item: Description:
PHP 5.3 support Fixed a problem with PHP 5.3 in myEvents plugin.
CB plugins improved Show item count behind tab title (requires CB 2.0+), combined start/end date/time column, registration status column in myAttendings plugin. 


JEM (stable version) - 2nd August (security) fix

Item: Description:
attachment uploads Additionally to JEM the installer script as enhanced so while updating from any previous JEM version will automatically remove "bad" file extensions from allowed list.
The default allowed attachment_types have been changed (again) to "txt, pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, zip, tar.gz".
So please check if all file types required are suported. You can add any type you need - but on your own / your users risk.
increase sql query safety Additionally to JEM some more pieces of code have been made more safe preventative.
JInput::get() Some calls of JInput::get() had an unexpected additional parameter which has been removed.
Jubilee module A new module has been added which shows (past) events on a specific (e.g. current) day and month ignoring the year.
Useful e.g. for a birthday list.


JEM (Security Release) - August security fix

Item: Description:
attachment uploads JEM 2.1.4. and previous versions allowed attachment uploads of various file formats. Amongs them were also HTML/HTM files.
The default allowed attachment_types have been changed to "txt,doc,jpg,jpeg,png".
event publishing In the model that allows to publish events (models/myevents.php) it was possible to execute an sql injection. JArrayHelper was added to get integers. Furthermore the publish function in the model has been improved by replacing the code by code that's also used by Joomla publish function.


JEM 2.1.4 (stable version) - June hotfix

Item: Description:
backend Import First JEM 2.1.4. released on May doesn't show Import view if running on PHP prior 5.5. If you have this problem please update to current JEM 2.1.4 which then will be listed with date June 2015. (#947)


JEM 2.1.4 (stable version)

Item: Description:
https urls Support https urls as custom fields and venue link (#744)
backend copied items Handle copied event/venue/category like new one, set creation date to "now", reset other fields (#840)
Import from EL Support Import data from Eventslist 1.1 automaticly / via version selectbox ? (#864).
frontend edit views Add options to limit number of custom fields available/shown in frontend Edit event / Edit venue views (#914).
Mailer Trigger mailer when editing items in backend (#916)
frontend event list views Fix wrong order when switching back from Archived events (#921).
Banner, Teaser, Wide modules Show finish time in more cases, show complete date/time info as tooltip (#923)
Banner module Add option to decide where image should link to (large image or event view) (#919).
Add feature to "shuffle" events if there are more than to show (#924).
Add option to limit events by day range.
backend Settings Configinfo Rework and add Banner module and other missing parts (#927)
backend Imagehandler Error when switching page of image selection popup (#928)
Banner, Teaser modules Support multiple modules per page with different calendar colors (#929)
Banner module Fix missed parenthesis (not showing e.g. upcoming events) (#931)
backend Add attendees Confusion when adding multiple attendees: Show an Attention text and add buttons "Save & new", "Save as copy" (#932)
Banner, Teaser modules Support category color for calendar image (#933)
Banner, Teaser modules Support State/Province filter (incomplete implemented) (#934)
EL Import Ensure valid (view) access level is set on imported categories (#935)
Banner, Teaser modules Let option "Allow Linebreaks" work on more than <br> tags (#936)
JEM Plugins Fire onEventEdited and onVenueEdited to all plugins in group jem, not only mailer, but show warning if mailer is disabled, also in backend (#937)
backend events list view Add "Access" column and filter on events list view (#938)
Venue view Ruined layout if dt string (e.g. "archivierte Veranstaltungen:") requires linebreak (#939)


JEM 2.1.3 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Banner module Add banner module as alternative to teaser module.
- without venueimage
- bigger eventimage
- choice to show with or without calendarimage
- choice to show or hide eventimage
- choice to show date or time until event
- choice to show or hide category
- choice to show or hide venue
it's preferably to use best on side modules (with more than one event)
Joomla 3.4 support Make JEM installable on Joomla 3.4 (#892).
Fix Select venue / contact problem on J! 3.4 (#892).
CSV Import Fix category relations not imported (#897).
Install / Update Reduce minimum MySQL version to 5.0.4 - without any guarantee!
Event Category selection Rework categories shown on edit event view frontend (#898).
Calendar module Fix tooltip formatting on J! 3.3+ (#899).
Eventslist fallback title Fix missed JText for fallback title in frontend eventslist (#901).
Update problems Fix read-only css files aborting update process (#902).
Teaser/Banner module Support open date events if concrete event id(s) configured (#889)


[3rd] JEM AcyMailing plugin 2.1.2 (stable version)

Item: Description:
AcyMailing plugin limit events to published, handle open dates, support JEM 3 image pathes
AcyMailing plugin fix path to small images on JEM 3 


JEM 2.1.2 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Mailer plugin Ensure mails contain link to frontend regardless if triggered on backend. (#552)
Event date / enddate decrement Fix timezone dependent date decrement problem caused by calendar form field on J! 3.3 (#772)
Joomla limitstart bug Add workaround to handle removal of "limitstart" which causes bug where users can't go back to first page on frontend list views (J! 3.3.4 to at least 3.3.6) (#841)
uninstall db tables too Provide option on JEM Global Settings so user can tell uninstaller to also remove all db tables, menu items and additional files (/images/jem) (#874)
JComments plugin Make it J! 3.x compatible (#875)
Finder plugin Fix bug showing past events only (#876)
Date formatting Date formats with comma maybe shown incomplete. (#880)
Date/time in event lists Provide alternative (two line) formatting for date/time column in frontend event lists, also proveide css classes for custom styling (#881)
Icon to remove attendee, attachemnt, image Fix wrong icon, no tooltip to remove attachment in backend event and venue views. (#882)
Also on attendee lists and backend imagehandler.
import non-preloaded files Ensure JFile/JFolder are loaded if required (#884)
Teaser module Use JEMOutput for date/time formatting, add options for output format. (#885)


 JEM 2.1.1 (stable version)

Item: Description:
menu item Single Event Fix sql error when choosing event while creating/editing menu item (#872)


JEM 2.1.0 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Joomla 3 compatibility JEM is now running on Joomla 2.5.24+, 3.2.7+, 3.3.3+
Calendars event color Calendars can be configured to use category color as event background color (#863)
Export open date Export allows limit to "from" date or "to" date or both, events with open date handled more logical, better label text (#866)
Quickicon plugin Icomoon support added (#870)


JEM 2.0.3 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Mailer: support "on behalf of" On backend it's possible to register another user on an event. The emails sent now reflect this by refering both names.
Also removing users from attendee list (backend + frontend) triggers mailer plugin. (#837, #839)
Update server Removed wrong update server url from xml and db (#834)
Attachments on backend On backend javescript doesn't create new attachment block when adding one caused by missed "Clear" button. (#845)
PHP extensions check Reduce expected PHP extensions to the absolute minimum (installer) (#838)
CBE no longer supported Remove CBE related code (#848)
My Attendances Show also attendances on events with open date (#849)
CB Plugins Check logged-in user's permissions (#850)
Respect JEM's "Show attendee names to..." setting on foreign profiles (#851)
Recurrence event daily auto-creation Ignore user on daily event creation (publishing state) (#855)


JEM 2.0.2 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Finder plugin fixed by Bluefox (#824)
Security/JED add JExec security to iCalcreator class
Security/JED Add index.html files (#825)
Calendar No events shown if multiday event starts on last day of month (#826)
No "first" icon shown on multiday events starting on last day of month (#752)
Wrong timezone calculation (#829)
Stability Frontend views should tolerate false or null instead of type expected (#827)
Demo For our Demo site only!
Trigger onJemBeforeCleanup to enable e.g. the demo data plugin
Added JemHelper::delete_unused_attachment_files()
Security Event's (view) access level is ignored in some frontend views (#828)
also level can be set on frontend editevent view now
Attendance Problem to register on events when attendee names are not shown (#832)


JEM 2.0.1 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Search Plugin Fix PHP Error on Joomla! Search page on PHP 5.3 (#820)
Event creation Fix false error message on recurrent event with image (#817)
Event creation Redirect to Event view (#819)
Language Removed foreign languages (because provided as separate launguage packs)


JEM 2.0.0 (stable version)

Item: Description:
Googlemap default: show roadmap, no info box (#805)
Help Plugin description corrected (#549)
Modules Add more options, e.g. unfinished events, fix filter (#216, #774, #776, #777, #789)
Mailer Plugin Subject fixed, don't send mail address (#773, #796)
Frontend Views multiple fixes, e.g. calendars, legend, subcat links/counter, harmonised menu item params, open dates, fix incomplete links (#710, #778, #782, #786, #787, #788, #790, #792, #799, #800)
Language Strings some strings altered (#765, #793, #806)
Privacy new option to restrict show of attendee names (#797)
Uninstall / Install Manage menu items on (un)install
CB Plugins No blank page without JEM, count events once (#798, #804, #807)
  ...and more (#782, #794, #802)
  escaping, quoting, search plugin fixes (#809, #810, #811)


JEM 1.9.7 (development version)

Item: Description:
Help files update - last scan for translation errors and omissions
- describe new functionality (Reduced number of Views, new mailer plugin, New recurrence handling)
- finish new toolbars (css, images)
 Geotagging Geotagging of venues:
Dragging the venue on the map should not update the address field (leads to double work when entering new venues)
 Geotagging Change default display to map view instead of terrain.
As featured in this posting
 Geotagging Fix partial display of map when entering a new venue.
custom css Allow admin to replace css files by own versions.
image deletion Delete unused images and allow users to delete current (frontend).
mod data access Modules: Use component's models to get data from db.
no Snoopy Snoopy no longer used so php extension 'sockets' not required yet.
Integration commenting systems Only JComments is supported yet.
Mailer: title in subject Subject now contains event/venue title.
Attachments view improved Layout of attachment view (frontend) extremly improved.
Footer text Allow footer text on eventslist (Simple list) (frontend)
much more Much more little fixes, improvements, or simply changes...


JEM 1.9.6 (development version)

Item: Description:
Page heading support support Joomla! page title / page heading (was changed in J! 1.6) (issues #354 / #566)
No Multi-language yet please comment out language check in event model frontend (issue #563)
Help files update - new toolbars
- scan for translation errors and omissions
- describe new functionality (Permissions and reduced numer of Views)
Import/Export UTF-8 character set of export files changed to UTF-8 (currently with BOM, Import expects ANSI if no BOM found) (issue #599, issue #600)
Don't scale-up Thumbnails Thumbnails for event/venue/category shouldn't be scaled up - only scale down to fit into max. width/height (issue #553)
Calendar legend Calendar's legend moved into JEM area (frontend)
RSS feeds Feeds removed from Search, Categories, Venues views (frontend) (issue #572)
Recurrence sets More intuitive, show recurrence icon, handle editing of such events (issues #416, #626, #627)
NEW content plugin Handles deletion of events used as recurrence reference. But could be also useful for other things in future.
Package: Version check Install script added to package which e.g. checks versions on package level. (issue #632)
Template overrides Allow overriding of common layouts (e.g. list of events) too. (issue #630)
Filter by venue Allow search filter by venue (backend events view)
No cat on auto-create Fix problem on auto-created events where no categories were attached. (issue #644)
Editevent popups wrong The popups to select venue or contacts now work as expected. (issue #655)
Mailer plugin Mailer plugin redesigned, some new features...


JEM 1.9.5 (development version)

 Item: Description:

Changed ACL view settings

ACL changes made by Hoffi
Remove old files remove obsolete files on update (issue #275)
Correct category ids change category ids on update from 1.9.4 or less to 1.9.5 or higher in menu items and modules
Mailer plugin fix mailer plugin doesn't work on new events and other circumstances (issue #522)
Backend Help some improvements (issues #540, 546)
mod_jem Show event title by default (instead of venue) (issue #535)
My Venues list empty Always show venue title in My Venues list (issue #557)




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