The JEM installation package contains support only for the English language but other languages may be separately downloaded and installed. This guide shows you how to install other languages. When you upgrade from one version to a different version you should also remember that you will need to separately download and upgrade all other languages you may be using on your site.

Translating JEM is managed via our Transifex project. The download page contains the additional languages pack, which includes all translated languages, both complete and incomplete.

Language Packs for JEM

Our official language packs can be found in our download page. Some languages may have not been fully translated but they are included anyway. Incomplete translations may result in untranslated strings appearing in English

So if you start seeing strings like this, your translation isn’t up to date and JEM is using the last-known translation that you have installed on your site.

Installation procedure

Install the language pack with the Joomla! installer. The language pack of your choice will be updated during the installation process. If you add more languages into your site, you need to install the language pack again to include missing languages.

Make sure that your site is using your language: go to Extensions -> Language(s) - click the Install Language icon and search for “Your lanuage”; select it and click the install button.

  • Go to Extensions -> Language(s): Your language should now be in the list - select it and make it your default language.
  • Download the JEM language pack from the site download page.
  • Extensions -> Manage -> Upload Package File to upload and install the .zip file.
  • The language pack installes only languages, which are installed in Joomla already (!).

Not everything may be translated

If you think you can complete the remaining parts of a translation, or you could write a translation that has not yet been written for JEM the JEM translation team invites you to participate in the Transifex project. If you have the skills and you would like to help, please look at the Transifex article to see how you can help us with our translation work.