The translations of JEM are hosted on Transifex to maintain all available translations. Transifex provides easy to use online tools, which can be used to update translations easily and without any technical knowledge.

The JEM translation project page is at

With every new release the translations are taken of the Transifex platform and a new language pack is created. The language pack is then offered for download on the JEM website.

Joining a Transifex team

To manage the process of who is translating what, there are teams for each language. If you want to help and translate JEM in your language you should first join the team for your language.

Doing the translation

Go back to the main page of the JEM project page project page: and select the JEM4 project. Then select “languages”.

On the next page you can see a list of the available languages.

If your language is available, you can click on it. You will see a list of all resources (Joomla language files). Just click on the file you want to work on and hit Translate you get a new view with all strings which are translated or should be translated. Just fill your translations into the text fields and press save. Your done with this file, go to the next.

If your language is not listed, just click on add Translation and choose your language. A request for your language is then sent to a project administrator for review.

There are some bugs in Transifex Joomla support, the most important one:

  • NEVER use double quotes (“) in your translation; use single quotes instead (also in HTML tags)
  • Do not split translations into multiple lines (only first line will show up): COM_JEM_ON_WAITINGLIST_MOVE_TO_ATTENDING="User is on the waiting list
    Click to move user to list of attendees."
  • If you want a new line, write: <br /> For example:
  • COM_JEM_ON_WAITINGLIST_MOVE_TO_ATTENDING="User is on the waiting list <br />Click to move user to list of attendees."
  • Make your translations to be valid XHTML. So not <br>,not <br/> but only <br /> is valid. If unsure, please use the same markup as we do in the original English text files.