Here you can modify the CSS files of the various views of JEM directly in the backend.
Ther etwo block in CSS manager page, on the left the list of default css files, on the right the list of custom files defined.

Two types of css files in JEM and save in diferent folders.
Default CSS files:
/media/com_jem/css/ folder
Customs CSS files:
/media/com_jem/css/custom/ folder

The customs css files are defined in JEM → Setting → Layout → Custom Stylesheets.
Clinking a link on the right will take you to the edit screen for the chosen CSS file.



Don't change anything if you don't know exactly what you do. Read the comments carefully and backup this file before you alter it.


To access this screen use: ComponentsJEMControl PanelCSS Manager


Close: Close the CSS-Manager and go back to the JEM Control Panel.