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Force Event URL to Include Alias Text - Not Just Event ID 4 years 10 months ago #25180

I'm seeing URLs in my log files and Google search console where a user/bot has entered the event page URL as just the event ID followed by .html. For example:

Preferred URL: www.paintouts.com/all-events/event/29-plein-air-easton.html
ShortenedURL: www.paintouts.com/all-events/event/29.html

They both work but the second version causes "duplicate" pages in my stats and google search console. I could create a 301 redirect for every event back to the preferred version but that will get tedious. So two questions:

1) Any idea how these are being generated? If you visit my site, it always returns the longer version URL so I don't even know how the shortened formats are being discovered to begin with.

2) Is there a way to tell JEM to not allow the shortened version or to force a redirect automatically to the full URL?

Any help would be appreciated. Site is Joomla 3.8.10 with JEM 2.2.3

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