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Support for Eventlist 1.0.1

For all support requests, please provide your current versions of Joomla, and of the extensions.
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How to get your issue solved quickly! 11 years 11 months ago #3547

0) Read the all help screens in EventList first.

1) If you have an issue, take a couple of minutes to use the forum search to see if you can find a solution.

2) If you post an issue, please give specific versions of Eventlist, Joomla!, any Eventlist add-ons, PHP and web server. Giving exact versions to begin with will speed up any solution. Saying "the latest version(s)" is not enough, and will delay getting you a solution.

3) Put only one issue per post. A single issue per post makes it easier to respond, shortens the delay in responding, and increases the number of responses.

4) Avoid the "Me too!" posts on issues. They don't add value, don't reduce the time to solution, and get lost since the thread no longer shows up with no replies. Just subscribe to the thread and follow the solution, adding helpful information if you have any.

5) Don't "hijack" or take over someone's thread - start your own. It's common courtesy and will help you get a response to your issue.

6) While English is a common language, there is no expectation everything must be in English here. There are French, German, Spanish and other languages that users understand. There are many translation tools on the web that help, and screen captures help out as well.

7) Once you post a problem, realize that it takes some time for people to read, understand, investigate and respond to your issue. Please consider waiting at least 7 days before asking for help on the same issue again. Also note that posting to your own thread will remove it from the "No Replies" tab making it harder for someone to find your issue and help you.

8) While waiting for a response, reads as many posts as possible. Also answer any posts you can, even if you are just a beginner. You will learn from doing these things, and it will help you in the long run.

9) If you get a reply, acknowledge it. This simple act will ensure that your future posts get responses as well.

10) Thank those that help you out. It means a lot to them; in fact for some its why the help out.

11) The whole "community" concept is about everyone helping everyone. Support the community! by answering posts for help, build new features, fix issues, write documentation, or support Eventlist in some way. Everyone can make a difference by their participation!

12) Realize EventList and it's forums are completely run by volunteers, not by paid staff. If you need timely commercial grade support please consider hiring a Joomla consultant.


And finally answering others posts and helping out means that your issues WILL be given priority by the Moderator (me). Why? Because your contributions helps the community grow, reduces the number of open issues and also improves the community's response time to it's members. It also frees my time up significantly; in short it helps me to help you.
NEW? Please read the Welcome to the EventList Community post.
Click here to find out "How to get your issue solved quickly!"

EventList 1.0.2 Stable for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 now available!
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