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This is the support for EventList 1.1.x, available here in the downloads section.

For all support requests, please provide your current versions of joomla, and of the extensions.
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Breadcrumb / Pathway problem 11 years 9 months ago #656


I have set up Eventlist 1.1beta3.0-14 with three level categories:

-- Bühne (Stage)
---- Comedy
---- Musical
---- Opera

The Joomla Menu mimics this setup, plus adds "Events" as the first item. I have setup the Joomla menue items to use calendar view for the first level, Categoriesdetailed view for the second level ("Bühne/Stage") and Categoryevents view for the third level ("Comedy").

The breadcrumb / pathway function behaves differently in all three views.

- The calendar view correctly shows: "Home >> Berlin >> Events".

- The Categoriesdetailed view shows: "Home >> Bühne >> Events >> Bühne"
(should be "Berlin", not "Bühne" as second crumb -- url is correct though, only the name wrong)

- The Categoryevents view shows: "Home >> Berlin >> Events >> Bühne >> Comedy >> Berlin >> Bühne"
I have no idea where that comes from. Pretty creative though :-)

So basically all three views create different breadcrumb/pathways from the same category/menu data. Can this be fixed?

I will happily supply access data to my test/dev system for you to check!

Sebastian, from Munich

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Re: Breadcrumb / Pathway problem 11 years 8 months ago #1241

Hi Sebastian,

First of all thanks for a very clear, concise problem description. It makes it easy to help you.

I set up your menu on my test system running Eventlist 1.1Beta3.2.2 - It did a little bit better in that the second level's (Stage) breadcrumb was correct. I was able to replicate the third creative breadcrumb : Home >> Berlin >> Stage >> Comedy >> Berlin >> Stage >> Comedy

Given that it's a beta and the sub-categories are new, I would expect some small glitches like this to appear.

It's going to take some debugging to fix this issue. I take it you still need it.

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