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This is the support for EventList 1.1.x, available here in the downloads section.

For all support requests, please provide your current versions of joomla, and of the extensions.
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mod_eventlist lists events once per category 10 years 11 months ago #4891


the mod_eventlist module I have included on the homepage will list the same event twice if it is filed under two categories. Both entries will link to the same event ID, only within different categories. There is only one event entry in the DB.

I would like to "normalize" the SQL result set before displaying the events, thus removing event ID duplicates. It does not make sense to list the same event multiple times just because it is filed under more than one category.

Anybody would have an idea about how to achieve this? I know a bit of SQL, but I am not that experienced. I suspect there may be some SQL filters or function built in that I can use in a query to make sure I only get unique IDs.



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