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This is the support for EventList 1.1.x, available here in the downloads section.

For all support requests, please provide your current versions of joomla, and of the extensions.
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New release: 1.1beta3.2.3 => 1.1beta3.2.3-6 10 years 1 month ago #1672

  • JulienV
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Mostly integrated fixes submitted from gitorious, thanks guys !

/ fixed router for attachment files
/ Many changes in the Polish translation for com_eventlist
/ fixed a bug in my when querying attended events
/ (piotr) getting correct params
/ fixed pop issue for venue select when only owned events. fixes #24356

/ fixed details ical icon on/off
/ added Joomla's default utf8 charset for htmlentities in mod_eventlistcal - thanks to tamas dajka
/ improved french translation
/ fixed filter in venueevents
/ In the categoryevents default-table view the column attendees could not be activated, though the switch was there in the general and menu configs.
/ calendar view: Upper limit was $event->datediff+1, with the result that a link was set on the days of the event plus the following day. So I removed the +1. Seems to work.
/ details view: moved two lines into the if/else block to avoid errors when no avatar property is available.

/ hopefully fix the max execution time due to monthly recurrence
/ prevent autoarchive of open dates

/ removed debug...

/ added 'show details' back to settings
/ do not use makesafe function in attachment path, as it seems buggy for folders with a dot
+ allow to save events without a date => open date events
/ fixed sampledata
/ fixed remember column order direction in backend
/ added max places and waitinglist fields in frontend submit
/ fix eventlist view now uses common function for ical creation
/ added address and country to location in ical export
/ added a popup window for more pratical user selection for attendees management
+ added filter for waiting list in attendees view in backend
/ fixed warning for attachement path when no set.

/ fixes for ical export (thanks to jaanus for the inputs ;))
+ add/edit attendees from the backend
/ fixed saving of minutes...
/ adapted all default_table.php in events lists to use new handling of parameters
/ set vcal directory to joomla cache
/ fixed reference to wrong component for ical images

/ fixed error in events model when there are no events yet.

/ fixed event full check
/ removed layout tab in settings, now handled in global parameters tab

/ fixed redirect in model instead of controller when event is full
/ enhance query for upcoming events in wide module (from david blahut)
+ added ical export to event list, categoryevents and venueevents
/ fixed maxwaiting instead of waitinglist in utf8 sql install
/ enhancements for max places/waiting list
/ always use route helper for details link

/ add a group by in search plugin events query to prevent duplicate rows
/ fixed wrong link for subcategories in categories view
+ added optional max places and waiting list to events
/ trick to prevent IE7 to shift tables right inside tabs
/ fixed attachments fields width
/ fixed display bug when subcategory is locked in categories backend view
+ added js validation for venue url
+ added file attachments to events, venues and categories
/ prevent a warning in mod_eventlist_wide
/ fixed mod_evenlist_wide error when caching is on
/ fixed small js errors in backend lists search filtering
/fixed js error on IE preventing to save venue if map service is off
/ fixed js error on IE when creating/editing venue
/ fixed second js error for recurrence in IE
/ fixed js error for recurrence in IE
/ fixed submitevent validator
/ fixed update beta after previous fix...
/ fixed fresh install issue
/ always use event title as page title for details page
/ replaced deprecated ereg with preg_match
/ fixed possible issue when saving in backend with chrome
/ fixed error in helper.php
/ fixed frontend venue submission for users

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Re: New release: 1.1beta3.2.3 => 1.1beta3.2.3-6 9 years 10 months ago #3244

  • JulienV
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updated to 1.1beta3.2.3-6

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Re: New release: 1.1beta3.2.3 => 1.1beta3.2.3-6 9 years 7 months ago #4358

before i am using 1.1beta 3.2
but now after release of 1.1beta3.2.3-6 i am using 3.2.4 it has excellent feature which are according to my requirement.
thanks for the new feature

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Re: New release: 1.1beta3.2.3 => 1.1beta3.2.3-6 9 years 5 months ago #4963

I had installed and running 1.0.1 (stable).
All seems OK, but I need an attachments for each event.
So I decided to install the new beta version (1.1beta3.2.3-6).
The attachments are OK, but all other plugins (ex. NextEvent, MyEvents for CB ecc) don't work. I tried to downgrade to the prior version (uninstall and re-install) but the upgrade to the beta version is "one way". What can I do ???

Thanks a lot

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